Law Office of Dan Withers

*  Legal Counsel for Acquisition, Finance, Use and Disposition of Large Real Property and Personal Property Assets.

*  Discrete Entity Formation and Management which
Minimizes Public Footprint.
*   Ongoing, Discrete Legal Counsel and Legal Services (E.g.: Discrete Investigative Services, Personal Protection Services,
and Security Monitoring).

"We provide discrete legal services to those for whom anonymity and protection from liability are of paramount concern."

The Law Office of Dan Withers can make the ownership, management, use and disposition of your assets invisible.

Dan Withers received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and his Doctor of Juris Prudence Degree from Memphis.

For the last twenty years, Mr. Withers has specialized in protecting and sheltering large fixed and mobile assets utilizing unique, innovative legal strategies which eschew risk and insure confidentiality -- all built upon an imperturbable legal foundation.

Mr. Withers' law practice is limited to the discrete acquisition, use, finance and disposition of large real property and titled personal property assets. Utilizing a unique variety of corporations, Trusts and other ownership methodology, Mr. Withers creates an owner-asset propinquity – geographic constraints notwithstanding.

Mr. Withers was a County Planning Commission Attorney for three years. After leaving public service, he became the exclusive local Legal Counsel to the largest private real estate developer in the Eastern United States.

As a member of the State of Tennessee Association of Realtors® "Presidential Advisory Committee", Mr. Withers co-drafted the state-wide Residential Real Estate Sales Contract for use throughout the State of Tennessee. Other states have purchased the copyrights to use this contract – a rare honor to those who drafted it.

Dan is an eighth-generation native Northern Virginian, in an unbroken line of native northern Virginians from the birth of William Withers in Stafford, Virginia, in the year 1726.

In ongoing service to the community of Northern Virginia real estate professionals, Mr. Withers served as the 2019 Chairman of the NVAR Forms Committee (which drafts and edits all standard forms utilized by more than twelve thousand members of the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors®), and the 2018 Vice Chair of the NVAR “Beau Brincefield Attorney Roundtable” (a special advisory brain trust with about two dozen of Northern Virginia's most learned and capable real estate attorneys). He is licensed to conduct real estate Settlements in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

He is a Member of the Virginia and Tennessee Bar Associations, and is a Member of the Real Estate Section of the Virginia Bar, and the International Law Section of the Virginia Bar. He has argued cases from the General District Court, up to the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Mr. Withers has represented an internationally recognized, very popular “fast-food” restaurant chain, and a nationally-recognized, very popular grocery store chain.

In all, Mr. Withers has evaluated, purchased, held, sheltered, managed, directed or sold well over half a billion dollars of real property assets.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr. Withers was a business owner, manager, and developer. His development firm was the first in the state to convert a hotel into what is now commonly referred to as "Office Condominiums". Indeed, he was the first to draft and record a specific "Office Condo" Master Deed and Covenants regime.

Mr. Withers was the first to co-draft "Ridgetop" legislation -- a then novel endeavor, now a standard component to mountainous area zoning -- to protect and preserve the majestic grandeur of unspoiled mountaintops for years to come.

He has been in-house legal counsel to dozens of organizations, from the regional Association of Realtors®, to Habitat For Humanity®, and many other non-profit and for-profit entities.


          "My greatest source of pride, though, is that I was the first attorney in my community to jump out of an airplane for charity. I raised $10,000.00 for Children's Hospital! I received a cherished award for my insanity – a certificate which hangs proudly in my office. After falling for what seemed like hours -- I managed somehow to land on my feet . . .  more or less."   Dan Withers, 2003.